4 Reasons You Should Give Night Fishing a Try

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Any avid fisher should try night fishing at least once in their life. Of course, there are a few techniques you'll be used to that won't work after the sun has set, and it might feel odd at first to be fishing in near total darkness. That said, night fishing can be a wonderful experience, and here are just four reasons why.

1. Forgiving Temperature

One of the great things about Australia is the wide range of areas that experience nice temperatures all the year round. Unfortunately, this can make fishing trips a little tough for some people, especially if you're heading out to sea. With the sun beating down hour after an hour, it's common for the heat to get uncomfortable no matter the precautions you take, and it's not unusual for even experienced fishers to get sunstroke. During the night, the weather is much cooler, so you'll be able to stay out on deck longer without issue.

2. Far Less Wind

One thing that's likely to surprise you during your first night fishing charter is just how much less wind there is after the sun has gone down. This is nice for anglers since they can make their casts more accurately, but it's also nice for deep sea fishing since the boat won't be buffeted around as much – if you tend to suffer from sea sickness, night fishing can be a welcome break.

3. Less Disruption

Even out on the ocean, it's common for boats to the follow the same routes. Even if there isn't one there right now, the fish might have been alerted earlier. During the night, there's far less boat traffic, so the fish aren't going to be as distracted or jumpy, and fishing reefs are known to be great for night fishing because certain species are more likely to come out to feed.

4. Fantastic Experience

Even with all those points in mind, the most compelling reason to try night fishing is simply how magical it can feel. Sitting out in the darkness with nothing but a few soft lights and sounds around you is a great way to take in the ocean, and it's even better when you can share the experience with a few friends. Imagine seeing the sun set in the evening and then seeing it rise up again over your lines to picture exactly how stirring the experience can be.


12 September 2017

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