3 Commonly Asked Questions About Building a Tennis Court in the Home

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A tennis court is a great addition to the home. It provides the much-needed space where you, friends and family can have a friendly competition to pass time. It also provides an excellent opportunity to stay fit. However, a lot of design and planning go into tennis court construction

It is, therefore, advisable to choose a professional tennis court building contractor to work with you from the start of the project to the end. Here are three of the most commonly asked questions about constructing a tennis court and how to deal with it.

How Long Will the Construction Take?

The process of building a tennis court makes part of your home and garden a construction site for quite some time. This means that you have to cope with disruptions such as dug-up soil, trenches, mounds of earth, noise and other debris from the construction process.

As a homeowner, you will naturally want to know how long the project will run. The contractor will only give you a fair estimation of the time it might take them to build the court once they have assessed the site. Other factors that determine construction time include the prevailing weather. It is advisable to build in the summer as the groundwork will cure faster.

Which Is the Best Surface Material for the Court?

The second thing that owners want to know is how to pick the ideal tennis court surface material. Concrete and asphalt are the most common surface materials. Concrete is popular because it does not develop cracks easily, it does not settle or heave, and it is easier to control water erosion on its surface. 

On the other hand, asphalt is attractive and durable, and it provides the most non-slippery surface. The contractor will assess your site and decide the most economical and appropriate surface material to use.

How Much Does Building the Court Cost?

A superior-quality tennis court will serve you for decades without the need for repairs and replacement of parts. However, you have to pay more for it. 

The best way to get the court of your dreams at an affordable cost is by asking a professional contractor to handle the planning and installation for you.

A tennis court adds value to your property and gives you the perfect way to pass time with family. An essential thing to remember is to ask professionals to handle the planning and construction for you as it will give the best results. 


25 August 2020

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