Why Tennis Courts Are A Great Use Of Space On Large Properties

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If you have a home with a larger backyard that is mostly unused, then you might want to consider adding in a tennis court. That might seem like quite an outlandish statement, but for many Australians, this is a surprisingly affordable option that has a lot of upsides and very little risk. Not only will it reduce the total amount of area you have to mow (which is a big benefit for most!), but it provides you with a lot of value in ways that you might not expect. Here are three reasons why tennis court construction should be your next project at home.

Return On Investment

Most people in Australia are aware of the current real estate market, with prices soaring through the roof across the country. Tennis courts might cost a lot for a proper and professional installation, but they can bring in a lot more value than that when you put your home on the market for sale. There is a lot of prestige to owning a tennis court, and having it as a feature is not something that most houses can claim, which will further differentiate you from the pack and create interest, hopefully increasing the offers you receive.

Safe Space For Children

Even if you don't particularly play tennis that much, having a safe area that you can play with small children on is a great idea for any homeowner. As long as you ensure proper shade for your tennis court, then you can play around with small children for as long as you want during hot summer days when all they want to do is run around. You also reduce the risks of them injuring themselves if you choose synthetic turf, as this is quite soft underfoot, especially for smaller children who can't run very fast.

Multi-Sport Field

Some tennis court construction companies can create multi-sport playing fields that can be converted from a tennis court into a netball court, volleyball square and even a basketball court if you choose a harder surface. This makes it perfect for families who play a lot of different types of sport and want a professional surface to practice on, rather than just their backyard where they can scuff up their equipment and get more cuts and bruises. While it will still be primarily a tennis court, you certainly have the option to customise it to your wishes. 


21 September 2021

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