A Quick Guide to Boat Maintenance and Servicing

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After you buy a boat, you want to ensure you keep it properly maintained, so it's always ready for your time on the water. This will also ensure your safety, as even a small bit of damage to a boat's hull can mean taking on water while you're sailing, and the risk of the boat actually sinking before you can get it back to shore. To ensure your boat is always maintained and serviced properly, and that it always looks its best, note a few tips to keep in mind, and then discuss these with a boating mechanic or service professional as needed.

Scratches on the hull

Examine your boat after every use, or as often as possible, for nicks, scratches and other such damage. Once those nicks and scratches are noticeable, and especially if you notice a dent in the boat's body, it's good to take the boat in for servicing and repairs. Very often a nick or scratch can be buffed out and a fresh layer of gel coating added to the boat, to protect it from further damage. This can also ensure an aluminium boat doesn't start to oxidize and suffer corrosion and further damage. Dents can also typically be buffed or bumped out, and the area covered with a protective sealant.

Propeller damage

It's always good to check the propeller of your boat's motor on a regular basis, and this means actually detaching the blades from the rotor. Typically you can remove the nose that sits outside the blades by hand, and then use a screwdriver or other common tool to disconnect the blades. Doing this allows you to examine the entire shaft for loose fishing wire, dried seaweed and anything else that could be clinging to those pieces. Give the shaft and the blades a buff with a soft cloth, and have the blades sharpened if they have nicks and other damage, and this will ensure you get maximum power from the boat's propeller.

Dirty fuel

The fuel lines and fuel tank of a boat can easily hold sediment, including rust and other debris. It's good to flush these lines and the fuel tank as often as needed, and especially after you've had the boat in storage. You can do this by running the engine or motor until it actually runs out of fuel, and then filling the tank with fresh fuel and a cleaning additive. Run the engine again for several minutes, to circulate this new fuel and additive thoroughly, and this will help prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the boat's motor.


1 December 2017

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